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RE:ERTH’s take on sustainable beauty

All initiatives taken to improve, heal, or protect our environment brings us closer to a healthier ecosystem.

RE:ERTH’s endeavour towards saving the environment

In step with our philosophy of protecting while harnessing the prowess of nature, RE:ERTH collaborates with Environmental Solutions (Asia) to take sustainability to another level.

*Currently only available in Singapore.
We are working diligently on bringing this initiative to other markets.

Traditional Recycling Methods

Each bottle has easily 5-6 different plastic types
Customers need to dismantle and wash used bottles
Dry used bottles and place into blue recycling bins
Lack of transparency on where used bottles go

Recycling with RE:ERTH

No dismantling or washing required
Drop off plastic skincare bottles from RE:ERTH or any beauty brand
Done locally, reducing carbon costs, and will be converted to non-fossil derived fuel
Customer gains rewards on (Singapore only)

Being mindful of the environment shouldn’t just be a plus, it’s a must.