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Nature-Derived Formulas. University-Backed Science.

Dedicated to quality and made for modern living, our formulas focus on skin health, providing re:generation, hydration, and calm.

From Our Farms,
To Our Labs

RE:ERTH is founded on close to two decades of skincare research and innovation to develop scientifically driven formulas that harness nature’s restorative powers.



Cruelty Free


Always Proven By Science. Never a Compromise.

We are obsessed with nature and science equally. We do not compromise on cost nor steps, and only formulate with ingredients from across the globe that are efficacious, with well-defined safety profiles tested by toxicologists, chemists, and regulatory experts, and scientifically proven by research.

“We go to great lengths to create formulas that target skin health for every skin type.”
university-backed research

Backed By Top Universities

We combine quality nature-derived ingredients with first-class dermal-delivery technology backed by top universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Kindai University, for your optimal skin health.

first-class dermal-delivery technology


A patented, state of the art dermal delivery system, researched by Oxford University, Stockholm University, Max Plank Institute, and many others, and designed to transport actives between skin cells more than 10 times in comparison to normal liposomes, bringing actives where its most effective.


The Made in Japan Quality

Our products are manufactured with refined precision. We go above and beyond for high quality, hygiene, and safety measures that meet the Japanese & International standards.

Our Approach to Skin Health

how does it work?

Suitable for All Skin Types

Our products work with the skin and are designed to address the root cause of your skin concern. We focus on bringing your skin back to its optimal health, instead of supplementing the deficiencies for a temporary relief. That is why our products are effective for all skin types.

Modern Mindsets

Fewer, better skin essentials

We take the time and care to develop and produce high-quality products in fewer quantities, and meticulously formulate them to deliver to you a minimalist, time-saving, effective skincare routine that can be used timelessly at any age.

Artisanal Spirit

Unique. Our way.

Everything matters to us. The water, the soil, our farmers, the harvesting process, the research, the science, the intricate formulations. We processed over 30 iterations of our Japanese Turmeric formulas before finalizing our star serum, the Multi-Targeted Elixir. In the same spirit, we continue to discover and formulate using unique key actives that deliver proven results, because we are passionate about skin health.

research professors

The Scientist Behind the Scenes

Professor Komai

Currently Professor Emeritus of the Agriculture Department at Kindai University, Professor Komai specializes in Botanical Chemistry (a field of Biochemistry). His work involves finding compounds that are naturally occurring in plants, extracting them, and determining their chemical (molecular) structure.

RE:ERTH commits to preserving the land & ensuring sustainability of our farming.

Kyushu was a center of early Japanese civilization, and rich in so many ways. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Japan Sea and the East China Sea, it has breathtaking coastal views and a generally mountainous terrain, with extremely fertile valleys. As the land is regularly battered by typhoons and other natural disasters, our farms are typically small in size, spread across the region, and hidden in valleys, protected by the surrounding mountains.


Recognizing the health-boosting properties of the unique Turmeric species, despite having only a once-a-year harvest, the Japanese government has placed priority through local initiatives to encourage more farmers to grow them, including ensuring their equitable pay.

Men and women, young and old who feel compelled to pass on their love and knowledge of nature in their land, are now guardians of the farms. With their commitment and care, we are able to continue to harvest ingredients of the most exquisite quality, with the potency of specific actives found nowhere else.


With the help of breakthrough discoveries at Kindai University, in the last two decades the Japanese White Turmeric and Japanese Spring Turmeric plants have been re:imagined to further realize their significant ability in boosting and restoring skin health.

For anything to be sustainable, we believe in minimizing waste, whether it is your time, empty bottles, or natural resources. We believe there are many efficient ways to use the entire plant for various beneficial purposes and continue our research and development.